Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T is an electric pickup truck (the R1S is the SUV version on the same platform with a slightly shorter wheelbase).

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Ford and Amazon have both invested in Rivian and plan to use Rivian technology for their products. Therefore it’s likely that the R1T will sooner or later successfully reach the mass production status. But I’m quite skeptical that this will be achieved within the next twelve months as planned by Rivian.

© Rivian Media Newsroom

The RT1 pickup has a vehicle curb weight of 2670 kg, a payload of 800 kg and a length of 5.47 m. It will be available with a very large battery pack with 180 kWh and uses an adjustable air suspension.

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As an option, the R1T can have an integrated slide-out kitchen with an electric induction cooktop powered by the vehicle battery as well as an electric water heater and an electric cooler. One week of cooking takes about 11% of the main battery capacity.

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Another special feature of the RT1 is its Tank Turn capability.

It allows the vehicle to spin in place by using the four independent motors to spin the wheels on each side of the vehicle in opposite directions. This can be a useful feature in certain overlanding situations where you are forced to turn around in tight spaces.

Suitability for ev overlanding (based on press release data, not tested)

+ lots of storage space (for water, food, camping equipment etc.)

+ high payload of 800 kg

+ 4WD with four electric motors, combined 750 hp and Tank Turn feature

+ good electric range of up to 644 km

+ very good offroad capability (1 m wading depth and 36 cm ground clearance)

+ on-board air-compressor

no widespread service-network, especially outside of the U.S.

Tesla Superchargers probably can’t be used

currently under development, start of production planned for 2021 (further delays likely)

estimated price for 180 kWh version will be around 90,000$

© Rivian Media Newsroom
© Rivian Media Newsroom

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Update December 19, 2020:

Interesting offroad test of a preproduction modell: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/features/2021-rivian-r1t-electric-truck-first-drive-review/

Range goes down to about 50% under serious offroad conditions, as expected.

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