The Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ is currently a concept car presented in 2017. According to the VW press release, the production version is due to be launched in 2022.

© Volkswagen Media Information

When this vehicle gets available it will likely be one of the best choices for ev overlanding. It is nearly five meters long and has lots of space inside.

© Volkswagen Media Information

Suitability for ev overlanding (based on press release data, not tested)

+ lots of space for luggage (water, food, camping equipment etc.)

+ great form factor and open space interior, easy to modify for sleeping inside

+ 4WD with two electric motors on front and rear axle

+ good electric range of up to 600 km (NEDC)

+ widespread VW service-network all over the world

+ design which resembles the iconic classic Microbus likely provokes positiv reactions

+ price will likely be not as high as other EV overlanding choices

offroad capability not as good as other choices

– Tesla Superchargers can’t be used

currently just a concept car, availability not before 2022

© Volkswagen Media Information
© Volkswagen Media Information
© Volkswagen Media Information
© Volkswagen Media Information
© Volkswagen Media Information

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